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Monthly Virtual Prayer Meetings

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It takes time to upload the videos to the website sometimes, however you can find the newest content is always on our
May 2022 Prayer Meeting

February 2022 Prayer Meeting

April 2022 Prayer Meeting

January 2022 Prayer Meeting 

November 2021 Prayer Meeting - Ottawa

October 2021 Prayer Meeting - Toronto

August 2021 Prayer Meeting 

May 2021 Prayer Meeting - Toronto

April 2021 Prayer Meeting - Toronto

"What we as Catholics believe about

Public and Private Revelation"

  Deacon Don Roberts

June 2021 Prayer Meeting - Kingston

December 2020 Prayer Meeting - Toronto

"Illumination of Conscience"

Deacon Brian du Quesna

November 2020 Prayer Meeting - Pembroke

August 2020 Prayer Meeting - Ottawa

Fear prayer by Henri Lemay

Henri’s teaching on Fear

July 2020 Prayer Meeting - North Bay
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