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Fr. Ben St. Croix, Companions of the Cross
 Spiritual Director

Fr Ben is a priest with the "Companions of the Cross" community and has a heart for evangelization. Born and raised in Kenora, Ontario, he joined the Companions of the Cross community in 1993 and has completed degrees in Philosophy and Theology at Dominican College and St. Paul's University in Ottawa. Fr Ben was ordained in Ottawa in 2001, and has over the past 13 years spent time in campus ministry, parish work, itinerant preaching and at an evangelization centre in Houston, TX. He is also helping establish a new community of religious sisters in Ottawa, the Queenship of Mary Community. Recently he has been invited to support CCRSO as the spiritual director and he also serves as the liaison for Cardinal Collins for the Archdioceses of Toronto.

Brian Sullivan


Brian Sullivan has been involved in various aspects of the Catholic Charismatic Renewal for more than 29 years. He serves as Bishop's Liaison to the Charismatic Renewal for the Diocese of Sault Ste. Marie. He is also President of the Catholic Charismatic Renewal Services of Ontario.
At the local level Brian serves on a leadership team offering ChristLife to the four Catholic parishes in the North Bay region. Over the past two years they have lead over 500 participants to receive the grace of the Baptism of the Holy Spirit.  Brian co-founded, with his late wife, Cindy-Lee, Sacred Way Ministries that serves to evangelize children, youth and adults. Brian is a retired vice-principal of a Catholic high school.  He has been blessed with nine children and 19 grandchildren – so far!

Ina Caplette
Vice President


Ina and husband John live in Burlington, Ontario. She is a parishioner at St. Patricks in Burlington, and serves in the Inner Healing Prayer Ministry as well as the Christian Healing Formation Training offered by Henri Lemay in co-operation with the Diocese of Hamilton, Ontario.

Len Lanthier

Len and his wife Jeanette are the parents of five, and grandparents of four. He is a general manager of a construction company and serves many Catholic organizations with his amazing administration skills. He has been involved with Sacred Way Ministries since 2003, and has been Secretary for CCRSO for the past three years. 

Joe Ruscio 

Joe is a chartered Accountant in practice for over 20 years. He is also a Real Estate developer and property manager. Joe is married with three children and lives in Sault Ste Marie. He is a parishioner of "Our Lady of Good Counsel" Parish involved as lecturer and Lay minister and is involved the Parish Finance committee and Building Committee.

Isobel Bolt                                                                      Brian Bolt 
Director                                                                           Director

Brian and Isobel have been married for 50 years. They have 3 children and 4 grandchildren and live in Hamilton, Ontario. They have been involved in the Charismatic Renewal since 1978 and at present time are part of St. Ann's Parish Community in Ancaster, involved with renewal activities in Regina Mundi Parish, Hamilton and the Come and See prayer and praise group in Oakville . Brian is a retired faculty member of Mohawk College and a Media consultant. Brian and Isobel are delegates for the CCRSC, Brian also serves on the Board of Directors for the Bread of Life magazine and Media in the position of President and he also is secretary/treasurer for the Catholic Charismatic services of the Hamilton Dioceses. Isobel is the chair of the Hamilton Dioceses Charismatic renewal groups, as well as the coordinator for the Unbound Ministry in the Hamilton Dioceses.

Dcn. Al Carpen
Board Member  


Dcn. Allan Carpen emigrated to Canada with his wife Anne, and two sons, in 2005.  He was ordained to the Permanent Diaconate in Liverpool, England in the year 2000, and is presently serving in the Archdiocese of Ottawa.  He is a qualified High School teacher in religion and philosophy, and works as an occasional teacher in both the Ottawa Catholic School Board and Catholic District School Board of Eastern Ontario.   As well as serving as the Bishop’s Liaison to the Catholic Charismatic Renewal, he is also a facilitator and teacher in the Archdiocesan Spiritual Direction Formation Program.    Deacon Allan has a passion for spiritual growth and evangelization and is committed to serving alongside his fellow members for the renewal of the Church.

Dcn. John Myers
Board Member

Deacon John was welcomed into the renewal in the early 80's through music, now involved in a non- denomination prayer group, ordained in 2008 and assigned to St. Patricks Cathedral in Thunder Bay. Music is part of his ministry as he seeks the will of the Father in all things. Married to Susan ,blessed with 2 children and 5 grandchildren, looking forward to working with the new board.

Fr. Matthias Kotoka Amuzu
Board Member                        

   Fr. Matthias Yaw Kotoka Amuzu is an anointed, bonafide priest of the Archdiocese of Accra, Ghana West Africa. He was ordained to the priesthood on July 19th, 1997 and functioned as a diocesan priest. In 2012, he migrated to Canada to further his studies. Fr. Matthias is an experient priest, serving within the Archdiocese of Toronto as a Spiritual Director for many groups and societies including the Biblical Apostolate, the CCRC, Our Lady of Perpetual Help and Sacred Heart confraternities, just to mention a few. He is currently appointed by Cardinal Collins as a chaplain to the downtown hospitals.